The Gospel of Mark

The Empty Tomb Effect – Additional Resources

Recommended Reading:

  • Norman Peterson, “When Is the End Not the End? Literary Reflections on the Ending of Mark’s Narrative,” Interpretation 34 (1980) 151-66.
  • David J. Hester, “Dramatic Inconclusion: Irony and the Narrative Rhetoric of the Ending of Mark,” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 57 (1995) 61-86.
  • Gerald O’Connor, “The Empty Tomb: Reflections on the Resurrection”, from America (April 21, 2003): 13-15.
  • Helmut Thielicke, “Time and Eternity”, reprinted from The Silence of God (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdman’s Publishing Co.) (1962), 77-88.

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YBS Gospel of Mark Online Study with Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton, Week 8: The Resurrection, November 9, 2020

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“The ‘Strange’ Ending of the Gospel of Mark and Why It Makes All the Difference” by James Tabor

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YBS Gospel of Mark Study with Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton, “Resurrection”, Mark 16:1-8

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