The Gospel of Mark

The Empty Tomb Effect – Discussion Questions

Interpretation Questions:

  1. Why do Mary, Mary, and Salome make the trip to Jesus’ tomb on Sunday morning? What does this tell us about them?
  2. The end of Mark that appears after 16:8 in modern Bibles is not in our earliest manuscripts of the Gospel; they seem to have been added later by copyists. Why wouldn’t a copyist be satisfied by the ending of Mark at 16:8?

Application Questions:

  1. Mark implies that an encounter with Jesus changed the feeble disciples into the heroic martyrs they later become. Has the presence of the living Christ impacted your life? How?
  2. The variety of resurrection stories indicates mystery. But the differences between the accounts of Jesus’ resurrection have caused some to doubt that Jesus rose. How do you understand the differences?
  3. How would you preach to an Easter congregation that had just heard Mark 16:1-8?
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