The Gospel of John

The Last Supper – Additional Resources

Further Reading:

Frances Taylor Gench, “The Anointing and Washing of Feet” in Encounters with
Jesus (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2007) 94-105.

More challenging:

Harold W. Attridge, “The Restless Quest for the Beloved Disciple,” in David
H. Warren, Ann Graham Brock, and David W. Pao., eds., Early Christian Voices: In Texts, Traditions, and Symbols: Essays in Honor of Francois Bovon (BIS 66; Leiden: Brill, 2003) 71-80.

Jerome H. Neyrey, S. J., “The Footwashing in John 13:6–11: Transformation Ritual or Ceremony?” in L. Michael White and O. Larry Yarbrough, eds., The Social World of the First Christians: Essays in Honor of Wayne A. Meeks (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1995) 198–213

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The Last Supper, Dr. Harold Attridge


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