Old Testament


Introduction to the Course – Discussion Questions

Interpretation Questions:

  1. What is the relationship of the story told in Exodus to the patriarchal story that precedes it in Genesis?
  2. What does it mean to talk about the “book” of Exodus?
  3. Why do scholars identify multiple source documents in Exodus? What is the value of recognizing these sources?

Application Questions:

  1. Does the identification of different sources throughout the book make a difference to the way we understand whether the Exodus is fact or myth?
  2. Dr. Baden suggests that we read the story of Exodus as an origin story, in contrast to the origin story of Genesis. How does it change to read the first two books of the Bible as a continuous narrative compared to two different explanations of the origins of the nation of Israel?
  3. How important is it to you for the “fall stories” in Exodus to be historically accurate, and why?
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