Old Testament


Dr. Joel S. Baden
Moses with the Ten Commandments by Rembrandt

Exodus is the second book of the Pentateuch, and it continues the narrative of how the nation of Israel came to be. The book picks up in Egypt at Joseph’s death, then carries us through the story of the Israelites’ oppression in and removal from Egypt. Over the course of the tale, we see a number of narratively and theologically important events and stories: the burning bush, the plagues, the Passover, the crossing of the sea, divine revelation at Sinai, reception of divine law, and the episode of the golden calf.

The Exodus is the central story of the entire Hebrew Bible, the foundational event for Israel’s identity. But the history of these events, and the history of this text, are more complicated than popular representations would lead us to believe. This study explores this richest of biblical books, and the history that lies behind it.


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