The Gospel of John

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Further Reading:

Gail R. O’Day, “John 6:1-15,” Interpretation 57 (2003) 196-98
ALTA Or Gail R. O’Day, “John 6:15–21: Jesus Walking on Water as Narrative
Embodiment of Johannine Christology,” in Culpepper, Critical Readings, 149–60.

More challenging:

Joseph Grassi, “Eating Jesus’ Flesh and Drinking His Blood: The Centrality
and Meaning of John 6:51-58,” Biblical Theology Bulletin 17 (1987) 24-30 Wayne

A. Meeks, “The Man from Heaven in Johannine Sectarianism,” in Hilton and Snyder, ed. In Search of the Early Christians (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2002) 59-90.

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