The Gospel of John

Prologue – Additional Resources

Further Reading:

Peder Borgen, “‘Logos was the True Light’: Contributions to the Interpretation
of the Prologue of John,” Novum Testamentum 14 (1972) 115-130, repr. in David E. Orton, The Composition ofJohn’s Gospel: Selected Studies from Novum Testamentum (Leiden/Boston/Cologne: Brill, 1999) 107-22.

John Ashton, “The Transformation of Wisdom: A Study of John’s Prologue,” NTS 32 (1986) 161-86.

More challenging:

Thomas Tobin, “The Prologue of John and Hellenistic Jewish Speculation,”
Catholic Biblical Quarterly 52 (1990) 252-69. Available on ATLA: http://search.atlaonline.com/pls/eli/ashow?aid=ATLA0000827654

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