The Gospel of John

Prologue – Discussion Questions

Questions for Reading:

1. In the reference to “In the beginning” is there a recollection of Genesis?

2. Are there other such recollections in the Prologue?

3. What do the metaphors of “light” and “life” evoke?

4. Would you characterize the Prologue as “poetic”? If so why?

5. Is there a climactic moment in the Prologue? If so where?

6. What does the expression “grace upon grace” in v 17 convey?

Questions for Discussion:

1. What does the image of the divine “Word” convey?

2. What kinds of distinctions are being drawn in the reference to different kinds of “birth”?

3. How does the Prologue function in connection with the narrative that follows?

4. Does it introduce themes that run through the text? If so, where are they found? Are there elements of the Prologue that do not appear later in the text?

5. Some interpreters have argued that the Prologue presents Jesus as a “revealer” who explains who God is. How do we understand “revelation”?

6. What is the key affirmation about Christ in the Prologue?

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