Old Testament


Wisdom Psalms – Additional Resources

Recommended Readings:

  • Erhard Gerstenberger, Psalms, Part 1: With an Introduction to Cultic Poetry. Forms of the Old Testament Literature 14 (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1988).
  • J. C. McCann, “The Book of Psalms,” New Interpreter’s Bible 4:641-1280.
  • W. P. Brown, ed., The Oxford Handbook on the Psalms (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014).
  • W. Brueggemann, The Psalms and the Life of Faith (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1995).
  • Jerome F. D. Creach, “The Righteous and the Wicked,” in Brown, ed., The Oxford Handbook of the Psalms, 529-41.
  • James L. Crenshaw, Old Testament Wisdom: An Introduction (Atlanta: John Knox, 1981) 180-5.
  • Diane Jacobson, “Wisdom Language in the Psalms,” in Brown, ed., The Oxford Handbook of the Psalms, 147-57.

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