Old Testament


Human Condition – Discussion Questions

Interpretation Questions:

  1. What is Sheol? What happens to people after death, according to the Psalms?
  2. Is there any possibility for a beatific afterlife in the Psalms?
  3. What do the psalms say about the value of human life? How does this compare with the teachings in, for example, the Book of Genesis?

Application Questions:

  1. Many of the psalms express a desire to be closer to God. When the Temple existed in Jerusalem, that was a place people could go. Do you have places where you go specifically to be close to God?
  2. Does the threat of death give life more meaning? What does the psalmist say about this?
  3. Psalms often express a deep trust in God’s. What effect does it have on us to read such expressions, either aloud in worship or to ourselves in prayer?
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