Letters of Paul


Approaching Zion – Discussion Questions

Questions for Discussion:

  1. The question of suffering for Christian people has been with us from the first century until now. Does Hebrews stress on distress as a kind of discipline help us understand our own difficulties today? If so, how?
  2. We have seen that our homilist believes both that God’s realm is above us, in heaven, and ahead of us in a future fulfillment of promise. Christian writers today sometimes seem to choose between these two versions of God’s transcendence. Is the choice necessary or is there still a way to hold them together?
  3. In a letter remarkably rich with imagery our author closes with a particularly poignant picture. As Christ suffered “outside the camp” we are to share in his suffering, “outside the camp.” Most Christians in North America seem fairly firmly ensconced inside the camp of respectability and comfort. What might Hebrews’ challenge mean for you and for your community of faith?

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