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The Gospel of Matthew

Controversies and Parables – Discussion Questions

Interpretation Questions:

  1. The notion that Jesus was a source of controversy runs through these chapters. What were the major reasons, as Matthew understands them, for that situation?
  2. What is the author of Matthew’s role in framing the story of Jesus and his teachings? What are his major concerns? Are you in sympathy with them?
  3. Why does Matthew emphasize the controversy surrounding Jesus and his activities? How is this emphasis meant to affect our interpretation of Jesus’ character?

Application Questions:

  1. Jesus compares his own activity to that of a burglar and makes comparisons that don’t always make edifying points. How provocative do you find the sayings of Jesus? How do these teachings challenge contemporary Christians?
  2. How have you come to understand the parables of Jesus? Do you read them in more than one way? Do you have a favorite?
  3. Jesus takes on the role of provoking controversy throughout the Gospel of Matthew. How should modern Christians understand our role in society?

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