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The Gospel of Matthew

Ancestry and Birth – Additional Resources

Recommended Readings:

  • Warren Carter, “Matthew 1—2 and Roman Political Power,” New Perspectives on the Nativity, ed. J. Corley (New York: T. & T. Clark, 2009), 77-90.
  • J. Nolland, “The Four (Five) Women and Other Annotations in Matthew’s Genealogy” in New Testament Studies 43 (1997): 527-539.
  • Mark Allen Powell, “The Magi as Kings: An Adventure in Reader-Response Criticism” in Catholic Biblical Quarterly 62 (2000): 459-480

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Online Yale Bible Study with Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton, INCARNATION: Week 1, Come Thou Unexpected Jesus

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Yale Bible Study podcast: INCARNATION: Week 1, Come Thou Unexpected Jesus

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