The Gospel of John

Man Born Blind – Discussion Questions

Questions for Reading:

1. “Blindness,” like thirst and hunger, can have metaphorical senses. What is the major thrust of the use of the motif here?

2. How does the story progress? What does the man born blind know at the end of the story that he doesn’t get during the story?

Questions for Discussion:

1. Do the references to tensions between the healed man and his community reflect elements in the history of the Johannine community? In any religious community?

2. What does Jesus tell about the nature of sin and suffering in his response to the disciples question about “who sinned?” (Jn 9: 2-3) How does that relate to the opponents claim about Jesus that he is not from God and the blind man’s defense that Jesus is no sinner (Jn. 9:16-17).

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