Old Testament

The Books of Samuel

Character of David – Discussion Questions

Questions for Reflection:

1. To what extent is David’s character explained by situating him in the context of the real-world ancient Near East?

2. How important is it to understand the bias of the biblical authors, beyond the simple retelling of the story, in reading the Bible, here and everywhere?

3. What aspect of David’s life is most important: what he accomplished, or who he was as a person? How is the answer to this related to the Christian tradition that David was an ancestor of and model for Jesus?

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One Note

  1. O.G.

    Third questions only. “Most important,” may be a bit subjective. Of course, we’re led to say David’s career as ruler, without all his peccadilloes is what’s important. Fine, as far as it goes – boundaries, the capitol city, the legacy of poet/warrior/king, but David settled none of the questions about dominion over the land, and the conflicts are current. David was a gangster, outlaw if you’d like the romantic touch, who took what he wanted, and left Israel with borders but no mandate for possession.