Letters of Paul


Transformed Community – Discussion Questions

Questions for Reading:

1. How much do you sense that Paul is addressing specific concerns of the Roman congregation in chapter twelve and how much is he repeating common themes?

2. What part of this congregation’s experience that Paul imagined that prompted him to address government so directly in chapter thirteen?

Questions for Reflection:

1. Paul looks for signs of Christian transformation, not in the moral lives of individuals but in the Roman congregation’s deference to and care for one another in community (ch. 12). How would you rank your group/congregation/family on the transformation scale? How about yourself as a part of those communities?

2. What is your understanding of the relationship between Christian commitment and duty toward the State?

3. Is Paul’s view of civil authority in Romans 13 one to be universally emulated or is it subject to brotherly/sisterly discernment and evaluation? How are his circumstances different than our own? (e.g., empire versus democracy)

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