Letters of Paul


Generous Welcome – Discussion Questions

Questions for Reading:

1. How might Paul’s hopes for the visit to Jerusalem and to Spain affect the claims and hopes he brings to the Roman churches?

2. Again note Paul’s extensive use of scripture to make his points. We tend to be hesitant about “proof texting” (all those references to the “Gentiles” from this text and that). Is that what Paul is doing here, or something more?

3. Genealogies and greetings are our favorite parts of scripture to skip. They seem content-less. How does the list of greetings in Romans 16 help us to better understand the Roman community and Paul’s ministry?

Questions for Reflection:

1. How do we see the distinctions between Christians (even perhaps between the strong and the weak in faith) today? And how might Paul help us overcome those divisions?

2. Of course we will not simply play Bible land and pretend to be the first century church(es) in Rome, but what can we learn both from the instructions in 14-15 and from the greetings in 16 about ways our ancient brothers and sisters can help us be faithful Christians and communities today?

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