Letters of Paul


New Lord, New Life – Discussion Questions

Questions for Reading:

1. How does Paul use the Roman Christians’ recollection of their baptism to make his point about the way they ought to conduct their daily lives?

2. Do you see how Paul sees resurrection implied in both daily life and future afterlife? Does his presentation seem compelling to you?

3. How does our individualism limit us as we read a text that seems to define us by who we belong to?

Questions for Reflection:

1. In what ways does the Christian life tempt us to irresponsibility?Does our confidence in God lead us to moral and spiritual excesses? If so, how?

2. Slavery is not a category much favored in our discussions of the good life. Yet a colleague of ours has written a compelling book about Paul called “Slavery as Salvation.” Is there any way to understand Paul’s use of the category to help us see fundamental realities in our own lives? Do you ever experience yourself as enslaved? Ifso,how? Ifnot,whynot?

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