Letters of Paul


Human Problem, Divine Solution – Discussion Questions

Questions for Reading:

1. Does it help in following the argument of these chapters to see the “dialogue” going on between Paul and imaginary interlocutors?

2. Is it clear that Rom 1:16-17 introduces the “theme” of the letter? Are there other verses that seem to perform that function?

3. Paul seems to want to catch all humanity in his indictment. Has he missed anyone? Where has he caught you?

Questions for Reflection:
1. Does Paul’s argument about the sinfulness of human kind make sense?

2. What part should scripture play in forming Christian attitudes on matters of sexual morality?

3. In these chapters, Paul speaks several times of God’s anger. Do you agree with his attribution of anger to God? Do you ever experience God as angry? When? At what?

4. What do you make of the “solution” to the problem of sin that Paul sketches in Rom 3:21-26? Is Paul clear and persuasive or does he make assumptions that we need to unpack?

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One Note

  1. Ellen M Bateman

    Paul is also at work to distinguish Christians from Greco-Roman pagans & cultists where sex plays a role in mimicking and praying in hope for earth’s fertility. Sex, regeneration are key symbols (imperatives) where the fruit of the earth sustains mankind. Paul wants to convince that life in Christ transcends earthly concerns? Or, Paul fails to consider how Christian’s will eat? The retort that “not by bread alone ” is a tough sell, I’d imagine.