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Reading the Bible

Reading The Bible

The Bible can be intimidating and confusing for any reader. In these two sessions Professors Harry Attridge and John Collins help us to think about some of the issues that cause these feelings. Learning about the amazing and inspiring literature that is the Bible will enrich the understanding of any seeker of spirituality.

Session 1 helps us understand the historical time in which the Bible was recorded. It discusses the evolution of modern thinking from the view of the Bible as “history” to a more modern understanding as humankind’s view God.

Session 2 tackles the presentation of violence, patriarchy, slavery, and sexual behavior which has provided so much challenge. The history of the Bible, the writings of the Old Testament, and Jesus’ teaching are considered together in a way that fosters greater understanding of the messages in the Bible.

Taken together this material greatly supports the reader’s ability to access and embrace an incredible and inspirational piece of literature, moving from a view of Bible as history to a broader understanding.


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