Old Testament


The Flood – Discussion Questions

Interpretation Questions:

  1. What details make the Flood story difficult to follow as a narrative?
  2. What are the moral implications of a deity willing to commit global genocide?
  3. How does the biblical Flood story speak to present-day concerns about natural disasters, global warming, and the ecological movement as a whole?

Application Questions:

  1. We learn this week that there are two different flood narratives in Genesis. In the face of conflicting creation stories and conflicting flood stories, how can we understand what the biblical text offers us – and what it doesn’t?
  2. In this chapter, God changes his mind, which undermines the concept of intelligent design.  What are these stories telling us about the character of God? How does that fit with or contradict your relationship with God?
  3. God sent the flood to punish the violence of creation. How does this compare with Jesus’ teachings about violence?

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