Old Testament

First Isaiah

Sennacherib’s Invasion – Discussion Questions

Interpretation Questions:

1. Isaiah presents conflicting imagery about Assyria’s invasion. A few possible explanations for this are provided throughout the video. Which explanation do you find most persuasive? Why?
2. Why do you think Isaiah was interwoven into a historical narrative he took no actual part in? What does Isaiah, or someone else, gain from doing this?

Application Questions:

1. Isaiah is slotted into the wider history by weaving him into the book of Kings. What does this tell us about how history was understood in Isaiah’s context? How does that differ (or not differ) from how we think about and use history?
2. What can we take away from the multiple re-tellings of Assyria’s invasion? What kinds of storytelling are being used to express similar ideas?
3. Ultimately, this section of Isaiah seeks to glorify Israel as a good state protected by God. What do we think about this claim? Can it be justified in any meaningful way? Or is the point to gesture towards a greater truth?

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