Old Testament

First Isaiah

Isaiah’s Call Vision – Discussion Questions

Interpretation Questions:

1. Isaiah puts forth a distinction between spirit and flesh. The spirit is considered “better” than the flesh, or at least, more consistently holy. In what ways do we continue to inherit this thinking? What strengths and weaknesses accompany this idea?
2. What importance is placed on “purity of action” in this section of Isaiah? Why are actions and words put under scrutiny instead of something like ritual performance?

Application Questions:

1. Isaiah did not have a proper “call” like other Hebrew prophets such as Daniel or Jeremiah. What does it mean to not be called, but nonetheless end up doing ministerial or prophetic work?
2. Dr. Baden suggests that Isaiah is not trying to be a prophet; he is trying to be right. Does this change the way we read the prophecies in Isaiah? Are they truly “prophetic” in the way we tend to think about that term?
3. Isaiah provides us with one image for God; one that is anthropomorphic, concrete, and understandable. Reflect on that imagery; Does it resonate with you? Is any part of it challenging or disconcerting?

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