Acts of the Apostles

Defense of the Gospel – Discussion Questions

Questions for Reflection:

1. What are some of the ways in which this final journey of Paul to Rome remind us of Jesus’ final trip to Jerusalem in the Gospel of Luke? How does this help us understand the themes of the Book of Acts?

2. Drs. Bartlett and Attridge suggest that Luke in his gospel and in Acts uses geography with a kind of preaching purpose. In Luke the story begins in Jerusalem and returns to Jerusalem. In Acts the story begins in Jerusalem and spreads to Rome. How does geography work in these chapters and what theological uses might these geographical references have?

3. In Chapter 22 Paul makes one more speech in his own defense, and really in defense of the whole Christian movement. In doing so he tells in the first person the story of the Damacus road trip that Luke tells in the third person in chapter 9. What are the themes of the defense here, and how does the story of Paul’s conversion or call fit into that defense?

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