Acts of the Apostles

Paul and Barnabas at Lystra Jacob Pynas

Written by the author of the Gospel of Luke, the Acts of the Apostles continues the story of Jesus’ followers. Acts begins by describing the events, confusion, and challenges followers of Jesus experienced immediately following his death.  The arrival of the Holy Spirit in the midst of these folks is remembered in the Christian church as Pentecost. In the opening verses of each book, the writer states his objective: to write “about all that Jesus did and taught” (Acts 1:1) “so that you may know the truth” (Luke 1:4).

Saul (Paul) and his conversion are described as the story continues.  It becomes clear that Jesus’ message is meant for both Israelites and gentiles. The work done by these first followers of Jesus resulted in the spread of Jesus’ teachings across the world and through the centuries. Understanding these roots helps us today to connect to our own understanding of this message.


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