Letters of Paul

1 Corinthians

Paul and Apollos – Video

Dr. Harold W. Attridge and the Rev. Dr. David L. Bartlett in discussion.

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2 Notes

  1. Kelly Fulton

    “called to account”

  2. Adrian Bruder

    I. Paul takes a fatherly role of his congregation
    a. Soft and hard approach to his church. Wanted to lead by example.
    i. Authoritative and loving at the same time. Balance.
    b. Virtue is learned by seeing it.
    II. CH3V16 – “You are GOD’s temple and HIS spirit dwells in you”
    a. The curtain was ripped when CHRIST was crucified. Symbolic – Holiest of holy no longer closed?
    III. The Corinthian People feel their faith removes them from certain constraints according to the theologians. The spiritual and the physical are still very real realities.
    IV. Apostle’s means to be sent.
    V. Paul is defensive to the fact that he is an apostle.
    a. Didn’t apostles need to see Jesus after the resurrection?
    b. Theologian agrees.
    i. Paul Argues he was sent and that he saw the risen Lord when he was on the road to Damascus. People dispute it because he was not part of the original 12 or an eloquent speaker.
    c. Paul is trying to establish his authority through his letter to the church.