Letters of Paul

1 Corinthians

Glossolalia – Discussion Questions

Questions for Discussion:

1. Are there spiritual practices or behaviors that cause difficulty within your community? Are they related to social standing within the community? How does your community deal with them?

2. Is Paul’s image of the Church as a “body” meaningful in our individualistic age?

3. Paul strikes a balance between the personal/emotional dimension of religious life and the communal/rational. Are there similar balances to be struck in contemporary Christianity?

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One Note

  1. Adrian Bruder

    1. There seems to be a lot of denominational contention between speaking and interpreting tongues and prophesying. Some don’t believe in it and others think that those gifts were exclusive to the early church. I have never had the gift of speaking in tongues but I think it would be foolish and honestly a waste of my time trying to figure out whether someone genuinely has that gift.

    The vibe that I have received from members of the Methodist tradition that I belong to seem to scoff at Christians who believe in spiritual forces, tongues, and prophecy as something that was done in the past when The Body didn’t know better. I definitely don’t agree but I don’t have the desire to prove myself “right.” I have to work within the borders of one of the very denominations where I can be myself.

    2. Yes, we live in a culture where freedom and independence seem paramount to anything and everything. It’s probably terrifying realizing that you can’t do it all; but it’s also kind of nice that you’re not responsible for everything. I feel society sets us up to think we need to fix everything and we are responsible for everything in our lives. Paul is essentially telling The Body, do what GOD made you to do and let your sisters and brothers do the rest. Does the World operate in the tenets of Paul? No, but I don’t think a Worldly church will get “The Body” where it needs to go anyway.

    3. Yes, experience has taught me that the wise solutions are rarely extreme.