Subject: <span>New Testament</span>

1 Corinthians Bible Study

First Corinthians

Articles: (click to view) The Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, at Encyclopedia Britannica Paul wrote 1 Corinthians to a community in the middle of a culture war, by Douglas A.…

Formation of the Biblical Canon Bible Study

The New Testament

Articles: (click to view) Canon of the New Testament, at Catholic Encyclopedia Establishing the New Testament Canon, at The Canon of the New Testament, by F.F. Bruce Charts: (click to view)…

Acts of the Apostles Bible Study

The Acts of the Apostles

Articles: (click to view) The Acts of the Apostles, by Encyclopedia Britannica Why Study the Book of Acts?, by Justin S. Holcomb A Pentecost to Celebrate, by Ryan Griffith The Benefit…

The Gospel of Luke Bible Study

The Gospel of Luke

Articles: (click to view) “6 Ways Not to Preach the Birth of Jesus” by Steve Mathewson “Luke’s Nativity and the Battle over Christmas” by Stephen Nissenbaum “The Nativity” by Helen…

Land of Israel In New Testament Map

New Testament Maps

Maps: (click to view) “Matthew’s Geographical Overlay: The Return of The Exiled King” by Patrick Schreiner Early Rome Roman Empire in the Age of Augustus Roman Rule in Palestine 63-40 B.C.…

The Gospel of Matthew Bible Study

The Gospel of Matthew

Articles: (click to view) Introduction to Matthew “When Was The Gospel of Matthew Written?” by David Sim “Authorship” by Samuel Lamerson Ancestry and Birth “Unlikely Heroes: The Women of Matthew 1”…

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