Subject: Mark

Sermons with a Focus on the Gospel of Mark

Sermons: (click to view) “Mark: Stupid, Unbelieving Disciples” by Richard T. Ritenbaugh Sermon by The Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry “Jesus Says Stay Awake” by Jonathan Parnell “Well, what can you expect?” by Ronald G. Luckey “Deadly Things” by The Rev. Dr. Scott Black Johnston ” The Women of Holy Week, Part 1: Why the Women…

The Gospel of Mark

Lectures: (click to view) “The Gospel According to Mark” by The Bible Project “The Synoptic Problem” by Mark Goodacre Gospel of the Kingdom by The Bible Project “Isaiah and the Suffering Servant King” by Timothy Mackie

The Gospel of Mark

Articles: (click to view) “Jesus – Scribes and Pharisees” by Encyclopaedia Brittanica “Tohorah in Judaism” by The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica “Did Jesus Call Peter ‘Satan’?” by Kermit Zarley “The Centurion’s Sarcastic Cry in Mark 15.39” by Mark Goodacre “The ‘Strange’ Ending of the Gospel of Mark and Why It Makes All the Difference” by James…