Themed Study

  • Incarnation: Fleshing Out the Bible’s Christmas Stories

    Duration: 4 week


    Incarnation: Fleshing Out the Bible’s Christmas Stories

    A four-week, online Advent study examining how the Gospels approach the nativity story.

  • Women in the Bible

    Duration: 12 week


    Women in the Bible

    Reading about the women in the Bible reveals a great deal more than simply the stories of a few individuals. Through the women’s trials and triumphs, the text offers various (sometimes contradictory) pictures of gender, family life, and relationships. Our modern understanding of gender may not translate directly onto the…

  • Easter and Passover

    Duration: 4 week


    Easter and Passover

    The spring holidays of Passover and Easter have been intertwined since the earliest periods of Christianity. Each represents the defining event of Judaism and Christianity, respectively: the Exodus from Egypt and the resurrection of Jesus. This course discusses the biblical origins of the two holidays; how Easter grew out of…

  • Reformation History

    Duration: 8 week


    Reformation History

    It seems like everyone has heard of the Reformation, but have you ever wondered how this 16th century movement affected the church and the texts we read? What were the big thought shifts, what made them possible, and do they still affect us today? These are a few of the…

  • Formation of the Biblical Canon

    Duration: 2 week


    Formation of the Biblical Canon

    Who decided which writings would be in the Bible? When were these decisions made? Is Jewish scripture included in the Bible? What was the original language used to record the Bible? These questions and more are addressed in this two-session study.

  • Reading the Bible

    Duration: 2 week


    Reading the Bible

    “The Bible is very widely revered because of its status as the Word of God, but it is also a remarkable work of literature, that is, on the whole, exceptionally accessible and engaging.” Reading the Bible, Session I

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